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The life of a soccer mom is always a busy one, as just when you’ve crossed one event off today’s list you’ve got to start getting ready for the next. As a soccer mom, snacking on a road trip is a way of life – but the difference between a snack and a healthy snack is a pretty big one. Before you get the van packed for that next big trip, there are a few key items you’ll definitely want to bring with you.

Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit

Whether you’re trying to pack a snack for yourself or the whole team, the importance of embracing fruits cannot be overstated enough. Orange wedges, sliced watermelon wedges and whole bananas aren’t just easy to prepare in large numbers, but they also travel well – a characteristic you no doubt place a pretty high priority on. The fact that they’re also filled with the right types of healthy sugars (perfect for that last minute energy boost before practice or a game) doesn’t hurt, either.

Homemade Muffins and Granola Bars

These check a few different boxes, all at the same time. First, they’re easy to prepare and again – you don’t have to worry about them going bad, regardless of how long the road trip is. More importantly, they’re also “filling but not too filling,” effortlessly hitting that sweet spot to hold you (or an entire team of young soccer all-stars) over until that next proper meal. These are options that are also packed with carbohydrates that will help keep those energy levels high and they’ll also do some great things for the metabolism, too.

Baby Carrots

This one may seem a little off the wall, but it actually makes a great deal of sense. Baby carrots aren’t just crunchy and tasty, but they’ve also got a huge number of nutritional benefits. They’re a terrific source of not only fiber and vitamin K, but also potassium and antioxidants as well. Carrots are also an anti inflammatory, guaranteeing that you’ll want to keep a few of these around for a nice snack after the game for the kids. Many local grocery stores even sell them in individual, single portion packages, making them quick and easy.